At Corbel 3d, we specialize in scanning – we offer LIDAR scanning, white-light scanning, and our own, custom-built photogrammetry technologies. Our team of talented artists and technicians can also assist you in preparing scans for manufacturing, CNCing, and 3d printing.


Product 3D Scanning  

Scanning can be used to determine the digital shape of physical objects.

Applications Include:

  • Product Redesign
  • Photorealistic Renderings
  • Artworks & Digital Sculpting

Environment & Location Scanning 

Capture and record details of environments, locations, film sets, vehicles and large objects. We offer rapid delivery of quality digital assets in a variety of formats.

Applications include:

  • VFX scanning
  • Location Scanning
  • Large Prop Scanning
  • Reference Photography
  • Environmental Hazards

Digital Doubles

We create photo realistic 3D models to support VFX work in film, television,  video game production and a number of other applications using our custom-built 144x DSLR photogrammetry rig. This instant capture allows us freeze expressions with high quality geometry and hi-res texture-maps, capturing all of the subtle detail.